At Walton Endurance, cyclists ride their bike on a CompuTrainer, which allows for customized, rider–specific intensity levels. Training with a CompuTrainer makes it easy to track improvements, makes the most of your training time, plus you can’t meet other athletes, cycling enthusiasts, or cycling gurus riding in your basement! Classes vary throughout the week. During the months of December, January and February WE will have Saturday morning indoor group rides during inclement weather. If it’s below 32 degrees or raining…drop in and get in a great workout. Come see how our indoor trainers can simulate a ride through Central Park or on the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Road Race course and recieve detailed personal analytics sent to you after the ride. 

For scheduling at our specific locations please click on the links below. There’s no better place to stay motivated during the off-season than at a Walton Endurance Training Center.

Classes at Twisted Cog in Phoenixville:

  • Monday 6AM and 6PM - WE Cardio
  • Tuesday 6AM - Ride and Shine!
  • Wednesday 6AM and 6PM - WE Power
  • Thursday 6AM - WE Revolutions
  • Thursday 6pm Indoor Group Ride (Seasonal & during inclement weather, check online)

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Our training philosophy and vision remain the same for all of our athletes, whether their personal goals are to finish on the podium, lose weight and get in shape, or medal at the Olympics. These goals are our absolute priority.