Bring your bike and experience a personalized challenging indoor workout in a friendly group atmosphere with world renowned instructors. 

Walton Endurance classes are valuable, well planned indoor cycling class designed by Brian Walton and run by WE class instructors utilizing Computrainers and PerfPRO software.  As always, you are in control of your workout and can adjust your workload using the + / - function on the CompuTrainer.


Mondays* (6 p.m.):  A foundation class that focuses on pedaling technique, calorie burn and building your fitness base.  A great class for beginners as well as those looking to maintain or build their fitness level.


Tuesdays* (6 a.m. & 6 p.m.):  Expect sustained power (LT & subLT/Lactate Threshold & subLactate Threshold (PE/perceived exertion 6-8/10)) and endurance intervals (PE 5/10).  A great class to master cycling technique and get a solid workout.


Wednesdays*(6 p.m.): Though called the Mountain Biker class, riders of all cycling disciplines are welcome; as is the case with all of our classes.  This workout will incorporate class (intervals of set duration) and course mode (simulates riding outdoors and allows you to ride as hard or as easy as you like).  This class will challenge your endurance and include some intensity, but is still suitable for all skill levels


Thursdays* (6 a.m. & 6 p.m.):  Be ready for high intensity, heart pounding, zone 4 & 5 intervals that will test your fighting spirit.  A great class for a very challenging workout.


The PerfPRO software ensures you are working in the proper zone during class.  It provides instantaneous data while taking the class and a follow up email that includes a complete personal data report for the workout.


Saturdays (8:00-9:15):  During this class we will simulate riding outdoors as best we can while our rear wheel is locked into a CompuTrainer. We will cycle programmed courses (i.e. '96 Olympic RR course, Central Park, laps of Great Valley & GreenTree Training Races, Shed Road climb etc.). We may turn 'Drafting' on, so you can take a slight break as you hang on to the rider within a second of you. The CompuTrainer will add & remove resistance to simulate gradient changes. We typically ride several shorter courses (10 miles & less) so that riders get a variety of terrain during each indoor group ride session. We are also known for setting up the ride (put riders into teams, stagger the start, etc) to make for an exciting 'race'. Once the first cyclist finishes, the group gets approximately 4 more minutes to ride and then we will end the course so that we have the opportunity to tackle a new course. This class is good for all because when we are in course mode you can ride as hard or as easy as you want.

*60 minute class

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Our training philosophy and vision remain the same for all of our athletes, whether their personal goals are to finish on the podium, lose weight and get in shape, or medal at the Olympics. These goals are our absolute priority.