Walton Endurance Coaching Packages
Monthly Charge (*Multisport athletes add $33/month) $129.90* $328.90* $852.50
Customized training plan complete with an online workout and nutrition log X X X
30 minutes communication per month with your coach (athlete initiated) X    
Up to 60 minutes communication per month with your coach. (athlete initiated)   X  
No defined time limit regarding access to coach     X


At a young age, we learn to run and ride a bike. But without proper coaching and training, our bodies only achieve so much. Our coaches work to ensure that our athletes aren’t just spinning their wheels - that they’re making significant gains. Our experienced coaching staff believes in training cyclists and triathletes in the most efficient ways, both on the road and in our training center. By constantly monitoring your body - programs, testing and performance analysis - we continuously refine your program so that you never plateau. Our approach isn’t just about the physical, though. We train you to be psychologically ready to tackle any challenge, because what the body can’t overcome, the mind sometimes can. Searching for triathlon, running, swimming, and cycling training in Philadelphia region and beyond? Look no further than Walton Endurance.

Whether you are a casual rider looking to get stronger and build your endurance, or a multisport competitor - even an elite or professional triathlete or cyclist - you will receive the same kind of personalized care, attention, and coaching from our Walton Endurance coaching staff. Walton Endurance's coaches are the most knowledgeable, experienced, and successful in the industry. From three-time Olympian and 12-year veteran pro, Brian Walton, 6 x Masters World Champion Dana Walton, current professional cyclists Scott Zwizanski, and Eric Young, road and cyclocross expert, Erin Silliman to former pro mountain biker and bike fitting and performance testing expert Mike Gibbons, as well as one of the top age group amateur triathletes and 3 x Ironman qualifier, Mike Egan our coaches have the experience, education, and personal drive to make sure you succeed in reaching your individual goals.

Hands down, Walton Endurance's cycling and triathlon training staff rank as the world's premier assemblage of certified, professional coaches and offer triathlete training across the country. At Walton Endurance, we seek out only professional, dedicated, qualified and diligent coaches with proven track records both on and off the world's greatest racing circuits. No other coaching organization in the world can equal Walton Endurance's caliber of coaches or coaching.

Our certified coaches work individually with their athletes to determine the proper "macro" and "micro" training regimens required to meet cycling or multisport goals. Walton Endurance's coaching services are never cookie cutter templates but are always individualized programs based entirely upon the athlete's strengths, weaknesses, physiological testing results, and athletic history. Whether you're a professional cyclist eyeing the National Championships or Olympic trials, a regional amateur racer looking to upgrade your category or improve your triathlon time, or an avid cyclist who wants to stick to a cycling routine to lose weight and improve overall health, Walton Endurance will set you up on the proper training plan to ensure you reach your objectives.

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Our training philosophy and vision remain the same for all of our athletes, whether their personal goals are to finish on the podium, lose weight and get in shape, or medal at the Olympics. These goals are our absolute priority.