Not ready to start coaching but want expert advice on how to improve your cycling? Do you have a specific skill you would like to get better at?...then personal ride is the place to start. $60/1 hour session.

Classes are $50/hour for a WE Coach. To have a class with Brian or Dana Walton, please contact Walton Endurance for pricing. 

To sign up for a personal coaching ride, buy the class here. After the purchase has been completed contact [email protected] or 1-888-571-1851 for scheduling. 


Here's a most testimonial from a personal ride client:

      I appreciate how focused and succinct your feedback has been.  

      You are very observant and a good listener.  

      - Mary



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Our training philosophy and vision remain the same for all of our athletes, whether their personal goals are to finish on the podium, lose weight and get in shape, or medal at the Olympics. These goals are our absolute priority.