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Looking to maximize your performance and get the most out of each training session? Walton Endurance offers a full-suite physiological testing services such as blood lactate testing, economy testing and Max VO2 testing by our cadre of world-class cycling and multisport coaches. These services are identical to those provided at Olympic training centers and enable us to provide athletes with precise power and heart-rate zones for optimized training and ensure every athlete has the ability to maximize his/her gains in speed and strength in the most efficient way.

Lactate Threshold

Blood lactate is the by-product of anaerobic energy production in the muscle cells. Your lactate threshold is the point at which lactate starts to accumulate in the blood faster than it can be metabolized by your body. During exercise, an athlete can perform up to a certain intensity without accumulating lactate in the blood. Once this intensity is exceeded, lactate levels in the muscles rise, and the muscles fatigue rapidly. The critical exercise intensity at which this occurs is referred to as your lactate threshold. The lactate threshold (or, LT) is a critical determinant of performance in endurance sports and, unlike your VO2 max, your LT can change significantly over the course of a season. In fact, one of the very reasons for training is to increase your LT power (Watts).

Which LT test is the best? LAB, INDOOR FIELD TEST, and OUTDOOR FIELD TESTS all have benefits and unique data which WE can use to help the athlete grow but to get started WE strongly suggest starting with a Lab LT/MaxVo2 Test.

LAB: There are great benefits that are specific to lab testing. The lab offers a controlled environment where we are able to eliminate several variables to easily duplicate a test, to track increases or decrease in power, heart rate and leg speed (among many others). At Walton Endurance, we use the Onset of Blood Lactate Accumulation (or, OBLA) protocol to determine your LT . Using this protocol, we take tiny blood samples from your fingertips as you run on a treadmill or as you ride on a ergometer. Once you reach a workload intensity--which is measured in heartbeats per minute or power output measured in wattage--that produces a blood lactate of 4.0 mmol/L we identify your LT. Having this information is crucial for you or your coach in building an optimized training plan. If you are new to endurance training, this test is the best test to get you started.

INDOOR: An indoor field test is a great way to gather training zones while performing in a less controlled environment than the testing lab. It is a simulated race experience where understanding how to prepare and approach the field test can greatly affect the result. The indoor field test also offers great value in the fact that your coach can observe and see how you, the athlete, generates power, how you prepare for test, and how you respond when fatigue sets in. All of these observations allow your coach to make adjustments in training which will lead to greater results.

OUTDOOR: The outdoor field test brings more variables to the mix. On top of all that comes into play with an indoor field test, the outdoor field test presents the variables of aerodynamics, positioning, bike handling, higher level of concentration, and focus. Refining these details can make the difference between winning and losing. The outdoor field test is the place to work out all the final kinks.

Testing Packages

  • Lactate Threshold Test (Cycling or Running)- $99
  • Field Test (Cycling or Running)- $25
  • LT & Field Testing Package (Cycling or Running)- $120


Biomechanical Services

Want to make sure that you are getting the most out of your bike? Walton Endurance will guarantee not only an increase in comfort on the bike but also an increase in speed. Our biomechanical specialists work through every aspect of your bike fit from your cleats all the way out to your hoods. Whether you are looking for a more aero TT setup, greater power output on your climbs or greater comfort, we will put you in the right position so that you don’t have to think about your position and help you put out your best performance.

  • Silver Level Bike Fit (2 Hour Service)- $175
  • Platinum Level Bike Fit with Video Analysis (3 Hour Service)- $299
    Prices do not reflect the cost of parts or accessories added during bike fit.
  • Cleat Alignment- $35
  • Personal Ride/Run/Swim- $50/hour with WE coach. For personal session with Brian please e-mail [email protected] for pricing and scheduling.

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